Cerebral Palsy compensation guide

Cerebral Palsy compensation guide
Cerebral Palsy Compensation Guide
Cerebral Palsy Compensation Guide

The initial impact and future challenges that cerebral palsy can have on a person means that it is important to seek cerebral palsy compensation if the condition has been caused by medical negligence.

Those with cerebral palsy often need high quality care and equipment throughout their lives. Roberts Jackson can help to secure a settlement that not only compensates for any pain and suffering caused, but also provides financial support and security for the future.

Reasons to make a Cerebral Palsy compensation claim

Our solicitors fully understand the effect that cerebral palsy can have on a person and those closest to them. Therefore, we work hard to secure cerebral palsy compensation which can fund:

  • Housing – a person’s home could possibly need to be adapted and extended, or larger accommodation may be required.
  • Carers – 24 hour care and respite services may be needed so that a cerebral palsy sufferer has access to the right level of support.
  • Medical treatment – speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other medical treatment can be funded.
  • Equipment– specially adapted transport, wheelchairs, electronic equipment and hoists can help a person to live more independently.

The cerebral palsy compensation that we achieve can give a cerebral palsy sufferer an opportunity to enjoy an independent and fulfilling life with access to the care and support they deserve, while providing them with financial assistance for the future.

How to claim compensation

If you are looking to pursue a cerebral palsy compensation claim, contact Roberts Jackson on 0800 001 4496.

Our solicitors are able to work on behalf of cerebral palsy suffers and those closest to them. As we understand the impact that cerebral palsy can have, we always manage claims in a sensitive manner. The legal team are also committed to achieving justice during cerebral palsy and other brain injury claims, working hard to investigate, gather evidence and seek medical advice to secure the top level of compensation.