Brain injury claims guide

Brain injury claims guide
Brain Injury Claims Guide
Claims Injury Claims Guide

A head or brain injury caused by medical negligence can have a devastating and lasting effect on a person, impacting on their cognitive, physical and emotional state. Roberts Jackson has medical negligence solicitors skilled at handling the complex legal issues involved in brain injury claims. With a high level of experience and expertise in running these case types, our legal team will make sure that you receive the medical and financial support you deserve.

Securing you the right compensation

Patients trust medical experts to provide them with a certain standard of care. However, those who have suffered from a brain injury as a result of a careless or negligent practitioner can turn to Roberts Jackson to gain medical negligence compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages, including future loss of income if unable to work
  • Medical costs, including future care and treatment
  • Specialist equipment, transport and housing

Our legal team will be committed to putting together the strongest possible brain injury claim so that the payout you achieve gives you or those close to you an opportunity to successfully regain independence and rebuild your life after the incident.

Our approach to brain injury claims

Roberts Jackson understands that a head injury can impact on every aspect of your life, and also have a significant effect on the family members close to you.

Therefore, we are dedicated to providing a highly sensitive, supportive legal service to claimants during this difficult time. Our team will tailor their approach to cater to your specific needs, handling your brain injury claim in a way that best suits you. Meanwhile, we will also take care to support you throughout your rehabilitation and recovery, ensuring that you have access to the right level of care and support.

For more information about making brain injury claims with Roberts Jackson Solicitors, contact us on 0800 001 4496.