Legal Advice for Workers With Bone Cysts

Legal Advice for Workers With Bone Cysts
Legal Advice for Workers With Bone Cysts
Legal Advice for Workers With Bone Cysts
Bone cysts in the finger and wrists are a common symptom of vibration white finger, a work-related condition that can arise from over-exposure to vibratory hand-held machinery and tools.

Further symptoms of vibration white finger include:

  • Whitening or blanching of fingers
  • Red and painful fingers
  • Pain or cold sensations
  • Tingling or loss of sensation
  • Loss of light touch or grip strength

If you suffer from any vibration white finger symptoms, we would recommend that you inform your employer promptly so that they can introduce additional health and safety measures to reduce or control any risk of vibration white finger within their workplace.

You should also visit your GP, as they will be able to provide you with an official diagnosis as well as medical treatment and advice on how to prevent or alleviate any pain you are suffering from.

Are my bone cysts permanent or temporary?

If any warning signs of vibration white finger are picked up on quickly and the right measures are promptly introduced at work, you can make a full recovery from your bone cysts and other symptoms.

However, if your employer does not take the adequate action needed to minimise the risk of vibration white finger amongst workers, which causes your bone cysts and any other symptoms to worsen or become permanent, you may be entitled to claim compensation for your work-related condition.

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