Has Work Caused Your Asthma
Has Work Caused Your Asthma

If you do have asthma as a result of your work or working environment, you could claim No Win, No Fee compensation. By taking our compensation quiz you can find our if your are owed £1000’s in compensation on a no obligation a basis. Scroll to the bottom of the page and answer 4 simple questions or hit the button below:


No Win No Fee

We offer a No Win No Fee service on all our cases

Free Medical Assessment

We can offer a completely FREE medical assessment to establish the cause of your back pain and if it is work related

Fast Settlements

With a large team of solicitors handling our back injury cases you can be sure that your settlement will be quick and hassle free

Asthma Compensation Amounts

Mild Symptoms
£1,000 to £12,600

Moderate Symptoms
£7,000 to £17,250

Severe Symptoms
£17,250 to £43,000

*All figures are based on the maximum JC guidelines*

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