Asthma attack at work

Asthma attack at work
Asthma Attack at Work
Asthma Attack at Work

An Asthma attack at work can be extremely serious for the individual if not dealt with in the correct manner. The cause for asthma attacks can vary however within the workplace it is common for substances such as dusts or gases to be the root cause for aggravating the asthma.

With the working environment being an important factor in how asthma attacks are caused we have detailed below some of the common workplaces we have come across.

  • Baker
  • Engineering
  • Metal Work
  • Wood Work
  • Healthcare

What is an Asthma Attack?

An asthma attack happens when the airway of the lungs narrows and the muscle wall contracts which causes the airway to become swollen and inflamed. This then leads to a restriction on airflow through the lungs which leads to increased effort to breathe.

Mild asthma attacks normally only last a few hours after treatment is applied. However in severe attacks symptoms can rapidly become more serious due to the chest tightening to the point in which it completely restricts breathing. In this instance we would advise you to contact 999 immediately.

Symptoms of Asthma Attacks

The symptoms vary with severity depending on the individual however the common symptoms are wheezing, coughing, chest pains and difficulty breathing. It is important to note that while it is more common for the symptoms to arise during work, asthma attacks can still occur several hours after exposure.

Asthma attacks should be not happening on a permanent basis, if the individual distances themselves from the substances in question then the attacks normally subside. If you have suffered from any of the symptoms above we recommend that you visit your GP and notify them of your problem, they will then be able to identify causes and possibly change our medication.

Asthma Attack Compensation

Many people are unaware that you can claim compensation for asthma in the workplace, particularly if your work is causing you to suffer from asthma attacks. In medical terms this is noted as Occupational Asthma.

Your asthma compensation will depend on your personal circumstances. However, Roberts Jackson will be committed to securing a settlement that is in your best interests, making sure you are recompensed for any pain and suffering, financial setbacks and medical care required at present and in the future.

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