Asbestosis Symptoms

Why are patients not informing doctors about their work related asthma?
Asbestosis Symptoms
Asbestosis Symptoms

Asbestosis will often develop years and even decades after a person has been exposed to the fibres.

Many of its warning signs are also associated other respiratory problems, which can lead to sufferers being unaware of the severity of their health condition in its early stages. If you are worried about yourself or a loved one, the most common asbestosis symptoms to look out for include:

Shortness of breath: This is one of the main warning signs. The long term inhalation of asbestos fibres can cause the pleural wall to become scarred, calcified or inflamed, resulting in pleural thickening or effusion. These can constrict lung movement and leave a person short of breath.

Tiredness and fatigue: The scarring and inflammation of lungs can also reduce the ability to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, which can lead to a reduction in lung function and subsequently cause fatigue.

Crackling when breathing: Lung inflammation and scarring can make it difficult for oxygen to enter the blood, which can lead to the development of a dry crackling noise as a person inhales. A doctor will use a stethoscope to listen out for the sound in order to determine whether or not their patient has asbestosis.

Blood pressure: When the lungs fail to fully oxygenate blood, this can cause the heart to work much harder and in turn, lead to an increase in blood pressure.

Swelling: A rise in blood pressure can also bring about a build up of fluid around the heart and lungs, which can cause asbestosis sufferers to develop swelling in the neck and face.

Loss of weight: Fluid can also develop in the abdomen, which can lead to bloating and tenderness. This can ultimately cause a loss of appetite and possible loss of weight.

The severity and frequency of asbestosis symptoms can differ from person to person. Therefore, we would recommend that you seek medical advice as soon as you or someone close to you starts to develop breathing problems in order to gain an official diagnosis and medical care straight away.

What can cause asbestosis symptoms?

Exposure to asbestos, whether at work or at home, can lead to asbestosis and even mesothelioma.

The breathing condition is commonly caused by previous inhalation at work, exposure to dust from a family member who worked with asbestos or by living near an asbestos factory. Regardless of the reason, asbestosis sufferers are often entitled to claim asbestosis compensation for any health and financial setbacks that they have sadly suffered.

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