Specialist Asbestosis Solicitor

Specialist Asbestos Solicitor
Specialist Asbestos Solicitor
Roberts Jackson has a team of specialist asbestos solicitors who have handled a large number of of asbestosis claims, and achieved the maximum amount of compensation for people exposed to asbestos dust.

This irreparable respiratory disease can greatly impact on your health and quality of life. Our legal team offer a high level of legal support and work hard to get the best possible outcome so you are properly compensated for loss of earnings, reduced life expectancy, medical care and any pain and suffering you have endured.

Can I claim for past asbestos exposure?

Our team of solicitors deal with many claimants who were exposed to asbestos dust years, and even decades prior to their compensation claim.

Strict regulations surrounding asbestos were introduced in 1970 to reduce employee’s exposure to the dust. However, asbestosis symptoms can develop over time and may only become apparent 15 to 30 years after working with the fibres.

Due to this significant time period, you may find that your previous employer has ceased trading before you were diagnosed with the respiratory disease and decide to make an
asbestosis compensation claim. In these cases, our experienced legal team work hard to contact the insurance company to reach a settlement.

Dealing with secondary asbestosis exposure

Roberts Jackson solicitors also handle asbestosis and mesothelioma claims for people who have developed respiratory conditions as a result of living close to asbestos factories. We also work with sufferers who breathed in asbestos dust brought in on the clothes of the exposed worker.

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos related condition, contact us today on 0800 001 4496 and we will put you in touch with an asbestos solicitor at Roberts Jackson. Our solicitors will gain a full understanding of your circumstances, investigate who is responsible and work hard to get the compensation you deserve.