Asbestosis Compensation Claims

Asbestosis Compensation Claims
Asbestosis Compensation Claims

If you or someone close to you suffers from asbestosis, turn to Roberts Jackson for help and guidance in gaining you asbestosis compensation at this difficult time.

Our team are highly experienced in handling compensation claims for people affected by asbestosis. As we understand the serious impact the condition can have on a person and their family, you can rely on us to provide a sensitive and dedicated legal service, where we will work hard to secure all the financial and medical support you require.

Are you entitled to Asbestosis Compensation?

Asbestos-related diseases can affect anyone who breathes in the dust and can take decades to develop following the initial exposure.

At Roberts Jackson, we have managed mesothelioma and asbestosis compensation cases for:

  • Workers exposed to asbestos dust, including individuals employed in demolition and insulation
  • Wives and children of workers, who have developed asbestosis by breathing in the dust
  • People who have developed an asbestos related disease by living close to factories where the minerals were present
  • Family members claiming on behalf of a deceased sufferer of asbestosis

Regardless of the cause of your asbestosis or how long ago you were exposed to the substance, Roberts Jackson can help you to pursue a claim against the responsible party. Even if the organisation is no longer in business, we will be able to contact their insurance provider so that you recieve the full asbestosis compensation for any setbacks suffered.

Time limits for asbestosis compensation

Shortness of breath, chest pain and an unexplained cough are all warning signs of asbestosis. If you or a family member is suffering from these symptoms, you should seek medical advice right away.

Once you are officially diagnosed and become aware that your condition is asbestos related (known as the date of knowledge), you have a three year time limit in which to bring a compensation claim.

When you get in contact with Roberts Jackson, we will make sure your claims process moves quickly and smoothly, allowing you to gain access to the maximum payout you deserve in the minimum possible amount of time.

What Asbestosis Compensation are you entitled to?

When handling your claim, Roberts Jackson will make every effort to ensure that you are fully compensated for the impact asbestosis has on your health and wellbeing, taking into account:

  • Past, present and potential future pain and suffering
  • Previous medical costs, financial losses and lost earnings
  • Future medical treatment, support and equipment you may need
  • Financial concerns you may face in the future, often caused by an inability to work

As we start to build your asbestosis compensation claim, a dedicated solicitor will take the time to listen to you and learn about your circumstances. This can give us the opportunity to tailor our approach around you and secure you a payout that is based on your personal requirements.

Contact us for an initial consultation

If you have some unanswered questions or feel like you need further information on where to turn next, please feel free to contact Roberts Jackson on 0800 001 4496.

Our specialists in asbestosis compensation are committed to helping people affected by the condition, so will provide you with a free initial consultation to discuss all the options available and whether or not it would be in your best interests to pursue a claim for compensation.

If you have any further questions about mesothelioma or pursuing a claim for compensation, click here to get in contact with our highly trained and entirely approachable legal team who will be more than happy to help.