Has your work caused your arm weakness?

Has your work caused your arm weakness?
Has your work caused your arm weakness?
Has your work caused your arm weakness?
Muscle or arm weakness is a common symptom of repetitive strain injury (RSI), a condition where people also suffer from pain, tenderness and stiffness in their hand or arm.

If you perform repetitive tasks or actions at work and experience any of these symptoms, it is possible that your employment has caused you to develop the condition.

Ways to stop your arm weakness from worsening

Repetitive strain injury symptoms such as arm weakness are usually temporary to start off with, but can worsen overtime and become permanent if ignored.

We would therefore recommend that you inform your employer as soon as you notice any RSI symptoms. As they are legally responsible for protecting your health and safety at work, they must risk assess your working conditions and introduce measures to stop or reduce your arm weakness.

You should also visit a GP to discuss your symptoms. They will be able to provide you with access to any medical support and treatment you need. Furthermore, they can offer you advice on how to prevent the injury from becoming permanent, and inform on ways to alleviate any pain or discomfort.

Legal support: coping with repetitive strain injury

If your employer does not implement the safety measures needed to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury among staff members, which causes your arm weakness to worsen or become permanent, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation against them.

Our solicitors are experienced in handling RSI claims for workers whose fingers, hands or arms have been damaged after performing repetitive tasks without the correct safety equipment and procedures. The team will therefore be able to manage your claim competently, making sure you are fully compensated for the RSI and have a real opportunity to live both independently and comfortably with the injury.

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